Nyaragongo Volcano: 5.1 magnitude earthquake felt in neighboring Rwanda

#Other Countries : Strong earthquakes were felt on Monday in Rwanda, bordering the Nyiragongo volcano east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), including a 5.1 magnitude tremor, we came to know from the source official.

The local body in charge of seismic monitoring at RSM, Rwanda, on Monday (08:37 GMT) 10:37 recorded a “magnitude 5.1 earthquake, the epicenter of which was located under Lake Kivu in Rubavu district”.

The Rwandan district of Rubavu (formerly Gisenyi) is the neighbor of Goma and Nyaragongo volcano, the capital of Congolese province in North Kivu, which erupted on Saturday.

RSM said on its Twitter account that the last major earthquake was recorded at 1:53 pm (11:53 pm) on Monday afternoon, with a magnitude of 4.5.

According to the RSM, about ten such earthquakes were recorded in Rwanda on Monday after Nyiragongo’s eruption, specifying that they are called “volcanic-tectonic earthquakes” and were caused by “magma-caused vibrations beneath the volcano.” Huh”.

The Nyaragongo volcano, the slope of which dominates Lake Goma and Kivu, burst suddenly on Saturday evening, causing panic and exodus among the residents. Two lava flowed from its edges, one of which reached the shore of Goma, where it had come to rest on Sunday morning.

This huge tongue of lava has swallowed many houses, cutting off the main road of Congolese province of North Kivu by several hundred meters, connecting Goma to Butembo and being a major axis of regional trade.

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Since Sunday, Goma and its region have been shaken by several more strong earthquakes that have greatly worried the population.

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On January 17, 2002, about 100 people died in the last major eruption of Nyaragongo, in a similar scenario, a lava flow cutting the city to flow into the waters of Lake Kivu.

On the border of Rwanda and Uganda, the region of Goma is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčintense volcanic activity, with six volcanoes, including Nyaragongo and Nyamuragira, ending at 3,470 and 3,058 meters, respectively.

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