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Kenneth Allen and his wife.
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The man who died on Monday morning has recently graduated from US Air Force pilot Kenneth Allen after a fighter plane crashed from the north coast to the English coast. His death was a bombardment in the United States Air Force. “We are deeply saddened by Lt. Allen’s loss and we mourn with his family and colleagues.”

According to the United States Air Force, the crashed jet was an F-15C Eagle. The crashed aircraft was lifted from Lanceth, the largest airport for Americans in England. Kenneth Allen was attending a planned training exercise when he ran into difficulties due to an unknown cause. His body was found just hours after the crash in the North Sea off the coast of Middlesbrough in the north east of England.

Gleam in the dark

Utah-born Kenneth ‘Cage’ Allen graduated from the Air Force Academy, a Colorado military school a few years ago and has been described by colleagues as a highly talented fighter pilot. Colonel Will Marshall, commander of the 48th Fighter Wing, said, “The great holocaust of loving reactions and expressions of support from our community is a ray of light.” A spokesman for Luckenath, where Allen was stationed, described Allen’s death as a “tragic loss”.

American had not been working on Lakenheath for a very long time. In February, he pledged to go to the UK before being married to wife Hannah. He has paid attention to the horror news. “I cannot describe in words how shocked I am,” she writes in an emotional post on Facebook. “He’s gone, I’m in shock.”

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very sad

According to the priest, her husband felt very sorry. “Usually for Cage to apologize when it’s not necessary at all. Cage was perfect. No one in my life was more loving and respected than me. He was my best friend and husband unconditionally. Returning to Christ Let’s hurry up so I can reconnect with Cage. She added those heartbreaking words, “I feel blessed to love her in this life and can’t wait to love her forever . “

A friend wrote, like a wife, grief of herself in a comprehensive account on Facebook. “We’re really torn by news from Allen,” he writes. “I read them last weekend about a trip to England. America has lost one of its best people. Allen’s cousin uses a similar exaggeration. “I’ve always respected my military, but it’s no more close to home. I’m very grateful to real American heroes like Allen.”

Cause of accident

Kenneth Allen was a pilot of the 48th Fighter Wing of the United States Army. The cause of Monday morning’s accident is not yet known. At the time of the play, there were four fighter aircraft in the air. In October 2014, an F-15D jet fighter based at RAF Lakenheath also crashed in Lincolnshire. The pilot then used his ejection seat and suffered minor injuries.

A year later, 34-year-old US pilot Taj Sarin had a fatal accident with his F-18 Hornet near RAF Lakenheath Air Base.

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