Netflix disbanded the Oscar-winning cast for a remake of Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’

Netflix creates its own version of the Disney classic Pinocchio. Earlier, the streaming service was able to acquire the already well-known directors Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson, and now the film is even more impressive. Cast of Pinocchio Namely, there are several Oscar winners: Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Christoph Waltz.

We still have to wait until 2021 for the remake of Guillermo del Toro Pinocchio Appears on Netflix, but the streaming service is already busy producing the film. And to make the wait a little better, Netflix dissolved the film’s cast.

Oscar winning artist

That cast list is nothing. Then we will Harry Potter- In game of ThronesActor David Bradley as Geppetto at work. Star warsStar Evan McGregor plays cricket, and newcomer Gregory Mann is the star in the world Pinocchio.

Also, Oscar winner Tilda Swinton (Michael clayton), Christophe Waltz (Unlucky basterds, Django Unchained) And Cate Blanchett (Blue jasmine) can be seen. Netflix has not yet announced which roles they will play.

Other actors whose roles are not yet known are Finn Wolford (Strange things, this), John Turturro (Monk, transformer), Ron Pearlman (Hellboy, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Tim Blake Nelson (Watchman, The Incredible Hulk) Ann Bern Gorman (Torchwood, Blick House).

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Netflix remake van Pinocchio Fascist under Mussolini is established in Italy. Unlike Disney’s 1941 classic (and the live action remake in production), Guillermo del Toro lives very close to the 1883 children’s book that Disney drew all those years ago.

Disney did not find the book attractive enough, and adapted several things. Del Toro has no intention. Pinocchio “Story of Love and Disobedience” becomes one where we see how Pinocchio has time to live up to his father’s expectations. Music meets music Harry potterComposer Alexander Desplat.

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