More than 100 million cases of Kovid-19 worldwide

In this way, no re-date will be given in the law. A commission proposed to reopen the restaurant, theater, fitness room and shooting range on 22 March. The People’s House refused to follow him.

“It is absurd to indicate a date in the law, while a state of epidemiology may develop”, condemned Samuel Bendhan (PS / VD). “We should let the Federal Council decide on all measures.” He was associated with almost all parties.

The SVP, which wanted to reopen on 1 March, found itself somewhat isolated. “All indicators are on the decline. On the contrary, debts are rising,” an attempt has been made to request Thomas Berger (UDC / AG). without success.

However, restaurants can still serve as canteens for outside workers, even if authorities have ordered the establishments to close. On the other hand, truck drivers should have adequate sanitation facilities.

Kovid-free passport

Nevertheless, the Federal Council decided to intervene slightly in the health strategy. In particular, the government must ensure that economic and social life is restricted for as short and as short a time as possible.

Other measures, such as vaccination or routine testing, can ensure a comparable reduction in the spread of the virus, then quarantine will have to be relaxed and gradually shortened or eliminated. If the vaccine is shown to prevent vaccination, those vaccinated will be exempted from quarantine.

Anyone wishing to do so can have the latest vaccination by the end of May. In addition, a document that certifies that a person has been vaccinated for national or international use or must be tested negatively.

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Contact tracing also needs to be strengthened. A national system should be established. Cantons can be compensated for their resulting expenses.

On the other hand, there is no question of mocking the scientific task force, as initially planned by the committee. “Freedom of science and disseminating democratic debates will ridicule us in Switzerland and abroad,” warned Sophie Michaud Gigon (Verrets / VD). Several other speakers called for the Federal Council and the task force to leave to manage their relations.

9 billion more

Regarding economic measures, the National Council has loosened the purse strings a bit more. He took a number of additional measures in favor of hardship cases, estimated to be 9 billion francs by Finance Minister Uli Maurer. This amount is in addition to the 10 billion already planned to assist companies in crisis.

Cantons have to take more than one-third of the money. “This could lead to a tax increase,” warned the treasurer in vain.

The circle of beneficiaries of hardship assistance will be widened. Any company, irrespective of the date it has been set up, can claim it. The State Council only wanted to include companies established before October 1, 2020. The government set the bar on March 1, 2020.

A 25% drop in turnover, not 40%, should be sufficient to be considered a turnover. And companies with an annual turnover of less than 250 million francs should not reimburse lost money in the event of profit.

The National also agreed to 98 votes to 90 and six abstentions to give traders an extension of time to pay their rent. The payment period will be increased to 90 days for tenants and 120 days for farmers. In addition, contracts should not be terminated during the closing period and subsequently for six months.

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Public nursery endorsed

Within the framework of the law on unemployment insurance, the People’s Chamber supported increasing the maximum number of daily partial unemployment benefits to 66 days. The leftists tried to increase this limit to 107 days.

Several culture-related measures have also been adopted. An envelope of 350 million has been issued to cancel, postpone or ban events, fairs, industrial exhibitions or annual markets. The self-employed will be able to gain more easily to make up for the loss of earnings.

National has again agreed to support public nurseries and private radio and television companies. Unlike the senators, deputies did not want an extra flower for sports clubs and refused to relax the terms to get the lost money.

Twelve Sundays in a year for the opening of shops, Kovid-19 will not be anchored in law. The deputation narrowly refused, 96 votes to 93 and 4 restraint, a measure intended to relieve the retail trade.

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