Manchester United News and Rep. Sancho and Tales make the latest move to Man Utd

Manchester United News and Rep. Sancho and Tales make the latest move to Man Utd

Opinion: United could get their new defense

Just by signing a new one in the summer transfer window you can understand why Manchester United can push the legend of current players being like newcomers.

Dean Henderson’s great debut against Midwick’s Luton Town was a testament to his talent ahead of a crucial season of his career, with David DD reflecting late on the memory of the pressure he now faces.

The 23-year-old’s return from Sheffield United has strengthened the depth at Old Trafford, although not necessarily strengthening the starting line-up, although Donnie van de Beck may not be a starter.

Van de Beck flared up again on Kennelworth Road against the Championship opponents, but after two impressive cameos in a week, it was also seen how he stood in the starting line at the moment.

Even if United sign two new players before the relocation deadline, they are unlikely to be of such a quality that they can instantly determine the first place of the first team. In terms of left-back quality, Alex Tales will probably be just ahead of Luke Sher, on the other hand, it will be difficult to snatch Mason Greenwood during any other right winger game except Jadan Sancho.

This means the argument that with the three supposedly new signings and the return of Henderson this summer, United will look no different than the ‘best XI’ that mind-boggled their incredible unbeaten run after the lockdown.

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Eric Bailey and Harry Maguire could build a new defense center at United
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