Learn about the economic, tourism and investment assets of Le Matin – Morocco-recognized Ambassador, Gulmim-Oye Noun

Family photograph of a delegation of recognized ambassadors in Morocco on the occasion of a visit to the area of ​​Gulmim-Oied Nun. Ph. MAP

A delegation of Moroccan-accredited ambassadors representing African, Asian and Arab countries began a visit to Gulmim on Saturday to explore economic and tourist property as well as investment opportunities in the Gulmim-Oid region. The delegation includes ambassadors from The Gambia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Sultanates of Oman, Chad, Ukraine, Egypt and Yemen, general representatives of Wallonia-Brussels in Rabat, as well as a minister-consultant in the Libyan embassy. Gulmim, the region’s capital, was the first leg of the trip, organized by the area of ​​Gulmim-Oid Nun as part of the regional marketing of regional assets and to attract investment. Explanations were provided at the economic, social and cultural level to the ambassadors on the main infrastructural projects in the region, particularly those included in the framework of the new development model of the southern provinces.
The first day of the visit, which lasts for three days and includes the provinces of Sidi Ifni and Tan-Tan, was marked by the organization of a meeting during which a presentation was made on the theme “Gulmim- Oed Nun, promising horizons and investment opportunities “. Emphasis was thus placed on investment opportunities in the region in many areas such as agriculture, fishing and renewable energy, as well as its tourist property and its civilization and cultural characteristics.
Speaking on the occasion, Mohammed Najam Abhay, the Vali of the region of Gulmim-Oid Nun, said that the visit of this important diplomatic delegation to the region, considered as the gateway to the Sahara of Morocco, highlighted the boom on the occasion Is an opportunity Development projects within the framework of the development model of the southern provinces of the state initiated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Ambassadors can for the first time see flagship projects undertaken in the region, becoming a point of contact for Sub-Saharan Africa, in line with His Majesty the King’s visionary policy in terms of opening Morocco to its African. Depth.
For her part, Mbira Buada, Chairman of the Guillim-Oyed Noon of the Regional Council, pointed out that the region has started “a new founding phase” since 2016 with the implementation of advanced regionalization, a project that has inspired ” A. New dynamic in all the regions of Morocco, and the three regions to the south at their head. ”After assuming that the region of Gulmim-Oid Nun is a” promising destination “, based on its geographical location, its history and its rich culture But, Ms. Booada confirmed that the purpose of these visits is to project the strengths of the region. And development projects initiated by HM The King. She said that these projects are progressing well, knowing that in 2016 and 2021 Between 6 billion dirhams a large amount of investment was made, remembering that the regional development plan is endowed with 9 billion dh, which will be allocated “for the construction of the region. Its tourism and economic marketing”.
For his part, the President of the Diplomatic Foundation, Abdelati Habeck, who oversaw the visit, spoke of the activities that this organization started to benefit the recognized ambassadors in Morocco to publicize the achievements and partnerships proposed by the Kingdom Has been doing. Hence the importance of the region as “promising” as Gulmim-Oied Nun.
On the occasion, the diplomatic delegation visited a pilot farm in the Talloyin region, White Beach and Gulmarg Craft Complex. In MAP statements, several ambassadors highlighted the importance of the visit, which is an opportunity for them to learn more about the region’s economic and investment potential. He said that future forms of cooperation, partnership and investment are also to be discussed about opening up of media.

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Foreign Ambassador wishes for socio-economic development in Gulmim-Oid Nun

Several recognized foreign ambassadors in Morocco visited Gulmim on Saturday, praising the socio-economic development achieved in the region of Guilim-Oyed Nun. In MAP statements, these ambassadors indicated that their visit to Gulemim, Tan-Tan and Sidi Ifni would allow them to see the major projects undertaken in the region, as well as tourism, natural and investment possibilities in the region. .
In this context, Chad’s ambassador, Mahatam Abdelrasoul, indicated that the region of Gulmim-Oied Nun is all the more important as it forms the “open gate” for Africa, stressing that it is HM King Mohammed VI Reflects vision by. Relations between Morocco and the African continent and South-South cooperation. He said that Morocco’s interest in Africa is reflected in the important road infrastructure that contributes to the synergy between African people and the development of the economy and African unity. For his part, the Egyptian ambassador, Achraf Ibrahim, mentioned that the visit is part of an effort to make diplomats stationed in Rabat from different regions of the state and to experience the progress of the region. In the field of road, health and education. . He said that the visit constitutes an opportunity to explore the possibilities of investment and economic cooperation between Egypt and Morocco, especially with the region of Gulmim-Oid Nun. His Russian colleague Valerian Shuev said the visit was “very important” for the diplomatic delegation to better deepen Moroccan understanding and knowledge, while Senegal’s ambassador Ibrahim Khalil Seok recalled that his country has always Sahara’s Moroccan character is supported, saying that his stay in Gulmim is further proof of this support. Oman Sultanate Ambassador Saud Al Barami highlighted the region’s “great wealth” in the areas of transport infrastructure, health, education and agriculture, adding that the region is experiencing a “global boom” for significant Moroccans . And foreign investments that have managed to attract it. The city of Guilim was the first leg of this three-day visit, organized by the Council of Guilim-Oied Nun region, as part of regional marketing of regional assets to attract further investment. In Gulemim, the diplomatic delegation visited the Talloyin region, White Beach and a pilot farm in the artisan complex of this city.

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