Le Matin – WHO scientists start investigation in China

Experts from the World Health Organization arrived in China on Thursday to investigate the origins of the epidemic. Like almost everywhere in the world, the resurgence of Kovid-19 is also shocking China, where the disease was first reported in Wuhan in late 2019.

Another death in China as a team of scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in Wuhan on Thursday where they were welcomed by staff throughout the suite. It will be responsible for going back to the origins of Kovid-19, as soon as the two-week quarantine under which the experts are subjected. In an tweet, WHO said, an international team of 13 scientists tested the origin of the virus that caused Kovid-19, which arrived in Wuhan, China today. But “two scientists are still testing for # Covid19 in Singapore,” he said. He reported that “all the team members underwent several PCR tests and Kovid-19 native tests in the country of origin before leaving on the trip.” Particularly contagious, British and South African variants of coronovirus have been scorched: 50 countries and territories have initially detected spotted stress in Great Britain and 20 reported variants identified in South Africa, according to WHO Is, for whom this assessment is probably underestimated. A third mutation, originating in the Brazilian Amazon and whose discovery Japan announced on Sunday, is being analyzed and may affect the immune response, pointing to WHO citing “concern”. Like China, there is a new wave of contamination all over the world. Faced with the worst outbreak and worst toll in Europe, with about 85,000 dead, the United Kingdom, again limited due to the spread of a more contagious version of the virus, recorded 1,564 deaths on Wednesday, its worst daily. Is the toll. The neighboring country of Spain (about 39,000 new cases Wednesday) is facing a situation of “extreme risk”, according to Territorial Policy Minister Carolina Darius. In Turkey, the vaccination campaign began on Thursday with the Chinese Coronavac vaccine, given to health workers in various fields. At Kartal Lutfi Kidar Hospital in Istanbul, Chief Medical Officer Recep Demiran was the first hospital caretaker to be vaccinated. “Our citizens should not worry about vaccination. All the vaccines available in Turkey are safe, ”he said. The United States remains the most affected in both deaths (384,784) and cases (over 23 million), both in Brazil (205,964 dead) and India (151,727 dead). With three deaths per minute, the United States recorded a new daily death record on Tuesday (4,470), falling to 3,912 on Wednesday.

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