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NYC mayor says 1% of people tested across the city are positive for Covid-19, a record low
Workers take people to a coronavirus test station in Beijing, China, on June 30th.
Workers take people to a coronavirus test station in Beijing, China, on June 30th. Greg Baker / AFP / Getty Images

The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday that China registered 19 new coronavirus cases on the mainland on Monday.

11 of the new cases were imported and eight were delivered locally. Among the local cases are seven from Beijing and one from Shanghai. No new deaths have been reported.

Capital continues to open new lawsuits last week, despite a “fundamentally” outbreak in the wholesale food market.

In addition, four new asymptomatic cases have been reported by the NHC. Currently, 99 asymptomatic patients are under medical supervision.

To date, China has recorded 83,531 coronavirus cases, with 4,634 deaths.

The medical institution said that a total of 78,469 patients have been discharged so far.

This comes in at 400,000 people in Anxin county of Hebei province, and new lockout measures were taken despite a small increase in cases.

Anxin, a relatively rural and sparsely populated district, is located approximately 90 miles (145 km) south of Beijing, which has experienced a sudden increase in coronavirus cases linked to the Xinfadi market in the past two weeks.

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