‘We have to come together’

Angela Underwood Jacobs, sister of California’s federal law enforcement agency, who was shot and killed as a result of violent protests after George Floyd’s death, told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday that the problem America is facing is humanity. and obvious negligence for life. “

Patrick Underwood, 53, was shot and killed in the US courthouse on the evening of May 29, after a vehicle outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building was towed and two contract security officers working for Homeland Security’s Federal fired. Preventive Service. Underwood was killed while the second officer was injured.

An Air Force sergeant, the suspect was also suspected of a separate attack targeting law enforcement officers in Ben Lomond, south of Oakland, on June 6. Investigators linked him to the extremist “boogaloo” movement online, without elaborating on any possible cause.

On Saturday, President Trump honored law enforcement at the campaign rally in Tulsa, Erken.

Host Jedediah Bila asked Jacobs on Sunday about how he feels “about Trump’s praise to law enforcement officers and the fact that it is stopped by law enforcement despite most of the anti-police rhetoric you are currently hearing across the country.”

“I must say that I fully appreciate what it is [Trump] and said what he did for the country, ”Jacobs replied.

“The blue-colored men and women who help protect and serve our communities – are very necessary and we need them and we need to give them loyalty and respect, because they go out every day and even make their lives, rain or shine. “

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“They are there to protect us and serve them, so it is right to be honored.” He continued.

Jacobs said he thought the idea of ​​terminating the police was “wrong”.

After a death of a black man Floyd, who died after a video of a white police officer kneeling around his neck for about nine minutes, there was an increasing left wing movement in various parts of the country to defeat or smash the police departments.

“I think that’s wrong,” Jacobs said. “I think we need to find a better way with all these bright brains we see here.”

Then he brought the Capitol Hill Organized Protest declared by Seattle [CHOP].

“It is completely anarchy, what is happening now. The idea that we have leadership who thinks it’s okay to let someone else take over the police area is wrong, ”Jacobs said. “I think the communities that need the most police will be insufficient, so we have to come together as a country and find better solutions.”

“He dies because I think my brother is dead, it was not a red or blue issue, it was not a political issue. The issue we have right now is about open negligence for humanity and life. “

“We must do better as a country,” said Jacobs, and “America is mourning now.”

He said he thought the change was “first starting at home, then looking at the human community in churches, the church community,” and “my brother killed him.”

“If we continue not to lead with love, we will have more problems, so we need to get together as a society.”

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