Kovid-19: Six Nations tournament threatened

Will there be a six-nation tournament this winter? The question arises, more and more pressure, while the competition should in principle begin on Saturday 6 February, with the Blues traveling to Italy. New measures applicable to Europe’s borders complicate the situation. It is now necessary to have a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours and to honor seven days of quarantine for United Kingdom travelers, for example, and vice versa (quarantine is ten days in this case). We understand the concern for travel or for British nations … because players, even professionals and internationals are no exception. They are subject to the same rules as the population.

Next week will be decisive. If the state of health is developing in the wrong direction, the competition may well be postponed or canceled. At the moment, the Six Nations Committee is satisfied to say that “the calendar has been maintained”. British governments have not yet commented. In France, the Sports Ministry has, according to our knowledge, studied the “very strong” health protocols and other associations provided by the French Federation. It was referred to the Intercontinental Crisis Council, which is due to take a decision in the coming days.

No plan B, such as setting up a bubble on a site

Multiplication of tests, safety distance, tight bubble around delegation would probably not be enough, even if these measures were reinforced from last autumn. No other options are currently considered. What was done last August during the Football Champions League in Lisbon (Portugal), such as a bubble, and a plan B as setting up an on-site competition organization.

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In keeping with the government’s decisions, Fabien Galthey’s Blues will meet in Nice on Monday to prepare for the tournament and his entry to Rome in Italy. Hope to have a competition.

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