Kovid-19: France Launches Vaccine Production

France is starting vaccine production from this week. These are Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine supplements, initially, aspiring to produce 250 million doses of the vaccine in France in 2021, announced European Commissioner Thierry Breton in charge of the vaccine task force in a statement to the press on Sunday.

The dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine will be packaged at the subcontinent Delferm’s factory in Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre, which has been operational for about a week.

According to the French media, it will not be about the creation of the active principle, which is designed in other European factories, but its packaging, from the operation of filling bottles, to hygiene through packaging.

“France is on the verge of switching to mass production of vaccines,” said the European Commissioner in charge of the vaccine task force, announcing the aggregation of at least four sites.

And to continue that the purpose of this operation is to make Europe “the first continent-producing vaccine in the world by the end of the year”.

As a reminder, the production of vaccines on French soil was announced by President Emanuel Macron in February.

It should be noted that Delfarma, a specialist in pharmaceutical products packaging, has 12 factories in France and 17 worldwide.

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