Kovid-19: Detection of 14 new cases of infection in Algeria with Indian version

The Algerian Ministry of Health announced that fourteen new cases of infection had been detected in Algeria with the Indian version of Kovid-19.

According to Algerian Health Minister, Abdrahrahman Benbozid, 13 new positive cases of the Indian version of Kovid-19 have been reported in the south of the country without specifying the solute, and another case is in Tizi-Ouzou.

The discovery of these new cases brings to the fore the total infections with the Indian version, classified as a concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Algeria by 20. The first six cases were traced to Tipaya’s village.

The officer explained the presence of these cases by the presence in Algeria of Indian and Chinese workers who work in camps in different regions of the country.

According to the Pasteur Institute in Algeria, the number of confirmed cases of the British version from February 25, 2021, thus amounts to 180 cases, while no new cases from the Nigerian version (B.1.525) have been detected. till now.

Algeria, which has been experiencing an increase in cases of coronovirus contamination in recent weeks, has been classified by the International Vaccine Fund (IMF) in countries in the Middle East and Central Asia region as “slow in their immunization campaigns” Inoculator “is considered. Against Kovid-19.

“13 countries and territories in this group have begun vaccinations with limited coverage and are generally not expected to reach a significant portion of their population as early as mid-2022, in case of additional efforts such as That apart from assistance from the international community., “The IMF said in its report.

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IMF forecasts are in line with claims from Algerian officials, who have announced the purpose of vaccination before the end of the current year, with 70% of the population estimated to be 43 million people.

Algeria has so far received 664,000 doses of vaccine against Kovid-19, making it possible to vaccinate a maximum of 332,000 people, taking into account the required vaccine dose per person. No official report of the vaccination operation has been provided by the government, which acknowledged delays in delivery of the ordered vaccines, including one million doses of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”.

During the month of Ramadan, Algeria experienced fluctuations in cases of Kovid-19 contamination with a figure of 200 per day.

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