Jose Mourinho could guide Tottenham to Premier League title, says Paul Marson Football News

Jose Mourinho, the key to any possible Tottenham title bids this season, says Paul Merson, who also praised Harry Kane’s change, before suggesting another potential surprise winner in the Premier League this season …

Mourinho knows what it takes for Spurs to get above the line

A difficult question to answer (can the Spurs win the league?) They are going to be very dependent on Harry Kane.

However, to be honest, as a result of winning at West Brom, they won you the league title. You can look back on results like this and whatever happens, you remember it as a tough game against a team at the bottom, who didn’t win any game but got up during the day, and it was seen as a result of a significant win.

If you want to win the Premier League, you are against it. You saw West Brom against Fulham and they were oppressive. You start to think Tottenham just woke up on Sunday morning and until they forget their boots, they will win the game and move on.

But in the end, it was a very tough game and Mourinho is probably sitting there asking why they turned their backs and didn’t play like that against Fulham. How tough is the Premier League.

Can Spurs win the title? It’s not impossible and because they’ve got a serial winner as director. They got a chance because Mourinho is in charge and has won it before. He knows what it takes to get the line

Can players keep producing week in, week out? Only time will tell, but keeping Mourinho at the club gives them an advantage.

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Mauricio Pochettino was a good director, don’t get me wrong. But because of Mourinho, they now have a better chance of winning the title. He knows what you have to do every week, weekend and then again.

Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho embrace
Paul Merson thinks the Spurs are more likely to win the title under Jose Mourinho than the former Mauricio Pochettino (left).

You always have to be there or be around him. You can’t start teams with six, seven or eight-point titles and at the moment they are just in the mix.

A word of caution, though. Everyone is talking about the title and since it’s November, people think we’re about halfway through the season. Usually we used to play about 15 games till now and that is a huge difference, but we only played seven or eight games.

But when Mourinho wins the title at Chelsea, they always go to a flyer. He’s the only director who treats every game like the end of the season ats per point mount and Mourinho always flies from a title-winning year stall.

Jose is not for entertainment, but for victory

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Free to watch: Highlights of Tottenham’s win over West Brom in the Premier League

I’m one of Mourinho’s biggest fans, but I’ve been critical of him.

When I criticize, it wasn’t about it as a director, because you can’t cheat on someone who has won all these trophies. It doesn’t matter when he won this trophy, he won them. They are in the CV.

My only question mark was why Mourinho would be able to score 30 goals this season as he is on the team.

Mourinho is a winner. He has no objection to winning 1-0. He’s not there to entertain people, he’s there to win football matches. If they entertain and are fair enough to win 3-0, he is one of those managers who can win a game 1-0, put it in the back pocket and move on to the next.

Fans will cry that it was only 1-0, but Mourinho will not care and it brings experience.

But now that the ears are on fire and the other attacking players have got their ground, they have a chance. A real opportunity, but, for me, I just can’t see past Liverpool.

Notable why his game has changed

Harry Kane and Jose Mourinho
Why Harry transformed his game, says Merson

Why a special player. He has also changed his game a bit now. He starts to reach number ten and he can spray the ball around the park. He showed that he got the vision and it was like the final package.

There aren’t many players who can go ahead and be a goal man, be strong, keep their body in the way, score goals and then in the game, he can drop and hit the 30-yard ball over the eye. Needle and knit play together.

There are no such players around, if any.

Harry Kane


Tottenham striker Harry Kane has reached the top of the all-time Premier League standings with the football show’s Stephen Warnak and Sue Smith.

It’s like Alan Shearer, who played at number 9 and then Teddy Sheringham at number 10, and why both can play. Shearer can’t leave and play as 10 and I don’t think Sheringham can play the role of Shearer.

Why both were able to do and they were special players, remarkable.

The summer signatures show Mourinho his best

Pierre-Emile Hodgsburg & # 39;  Friendly against Ipswich
Paul Merson praised the signing of Pierre-Emile Hajjabarg

Mourinho is special here. He doesn’t see other people’s things. He sees what he needs and he doesn’t just go out and buy for the players

In Pierre-Emile Hodgson, they needed a ball-winning midfielder to break things down and then have the whole back.

I can’t believe the wolf lets Matt Doherty go. Let the wolf go for that price, I didn’t get it at all.

Mourinho is pretty good here, and as I said before, as long as he’s in charge, they’ve got a chance. It’s not impossible at all, but again we’re only in seven games and you haven’t written a league script yet this season.

Do not cancel Chelsea for the league

Highlights Chelsea vs. Sheffield United


Free to watch: Key points from Chelsea’s win against Sheffield United in the Premier League.

If we’re going to talk about winning the Tottenham title, the Chelsea mix is ​​fine. If Spurs can win it, of course, Chelsea can win it.

Frank Lampard has now got who for the key position and you can really see the difference.

Thiago Silva is world class. They’ve got two full backs who are anything like the league and for me they’re good [Reece James and Ben Chilwell] In my opinion, both of them are completely back in England. They are outstanding. Silva is only going to make Kurt Zouma a better player and goalkeeper Edward Mendy is strong.

I know Sheffield United are down at the moment, but a tough team to play against them. These are organized and when you get down to 1-0, you know it’s going to be a tough evening.

But they literally broke Sheffield United. They look like they’re the proper relegation team, which I don’t see because I think Sheffield United will be fine this season. They show their distinctive average and this is a sign of a good team.

Even if there is a problem with Lampard …

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard has to keep all his players happy somehow this season

It’s coming from somewhere. Hakim Ziach has got a left foot that can open a can in the worms, Timo Warner has scored a lot, Tammy Abraham looks like he is recovering and then there is Mason Mount. They’ve just got offensive talent.

The problem is going to keep everyone happy and it’s going to be the hardest job in the world. The top, top players aren’t playing for you and that’s pretty tough

Kai Hawartz was not even on the team because he was ill and Christian Policeman was also injured. Kovacic also played for Mate on Saturday, but he is not playing. Chelsea are going to have a problem to fight going forward.

Hakim Ziach got a left leg that could open a can of worms

Paul Merson

Is the squad too big? It depends on how far you go in certain competitions but Mourinho was great. If you’ve seen his Chelsea team and the squad he has at Stamford Bridge, you’ve never heard anyone cry.

From the outside you always thought, ‘Wow’! How do you keep all these players happy? It can be an art because when you get that quality of players, it’s a great skill to keep them all happy when they’re not playing.

That’s right people are saying they will get £ 100,000-dollars a week, they will get better or whatever salary, but they want to play football. As a player, you want to play football and that is the biggest challenge facing Lampard.

The opponents have to play better quality in their upcoming games, but at the moment everything is looking good.

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