Japanese billionaire Tadashi Yanai: America’s image is breaking

“The image of America is breaking,” said Tadashi Yanai, CEO of Fast Retailer with Uniqlo. Told CNN Business in a special interview. “I hope this will have a positive impact in the long run, like the Civil Rights Movement.”
Yanai, 71, is Japan’s largest billionaire and one of the richest people in the world. Estimated net worth as the largest shareholder of Fast Retailing, Asia’s largest clothing retailer $ 31.3 billionAccording to Bloomberg.

Yanai said that the company’s operations in US cities such as New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the past weeks were “tough” with protests erupting over the death of George Floyd nationwide.

“It shows how devastated the US spirit is. The political situation is untenable. It doesn’t work,” he added. “When there are social problems, there must be a stronger desire to act positively. Some are wrong to ignore them as it is now.”

Like many other companies, Fast Retailing is an ongoing crisis coronavirus pandemic“As a catalyst for change,” said the CEO.

“What is required? What is not required? Why do we do business? We are asked these basic questions. ” “As a company, we ask ourselves why we exist.”

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