New Orleans unknown where the slave owner bust

The location of a slave owner statue that was overthrown by the protesters and thrown into the Mississippi River in New Orleans is not known when a group of men go out of the river.

A video from New Orleans Lawyer / The Times-Picayune On Sunday afternoon, he shows the group using ropes and a board to move John McDonogh’s paint-splattered sculpture out of the river and load it onto a pickup truck. After using a chisel, rope, and skateboard to pull down from his base at Duncan Plaza, he was thrown into the river the day before by demonstrators.

President LaToya Cantrell’s office told the news outlet The bust is considered “stolen property” and calls on those in possession to contact the city in return.

According to the newsletters, the two allegedly driven into the river after the bust was overthrown, Caleb Wassell and Michaela Davis, were booked with multiple crimes, including theft and incitement to rebellion.

Since then, the police have been released on bail and continued to look for someone else who hit the statue with a hammer and used spray paint during Saturday shows.

When he died, McDonogh left most of the money to New Orleans and Baltimore for schools and was named after many schools in New Orleans.

The celebration of McDonogh Day, when schools all over the city left McDonogh in a different monument, became the subject of a boycott in the 1950s. The ceremony was racially separated, and African-American children would have to wait hours for white children to leave their flowers first.

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The overthrow of the statue is part of links to slavery as the country struggles with widespread protests against confederation of confederations across the country or police brutality against African Americans.

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