Italy hopes the situation will improve at the end of spring

Italy, limited to three quarters from Monday to halt the spread of coronovirus, expects the situation to improve “in the second half of spring,” said its Health Minister Roberto Sprenza on Sunday.

The minister said in an interview with the daily La Repubblica on Sunday, “With the implementation of more drastic measures and a gradual increase in immunization, people believe that we will improve the figures already in the second half of spring. “

“The new fact is that English, in particular, is prevalent in our country. In a previous study by the Higher Institute of Health, it represented 54% of cases, but now we expect much higher figures, ”he said.

“Each dose of vaccine injection is a step towards ending the crisis,” commented the Italian minister, who expressed his confidence to approve the vaccines by European and Italian officials, who advise continuing to use the AstraZeneca vaccine Give.

The three quarters of the peninsula will be classified in the period from Monday to April 6 in the “Red Zone”, including the Easter holidays.

Schools will be closed from Monday, as will restaurants (except take-out), as well as most non-essential businesses.

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