Israeli forces besiege two more Gaza hospitals, Palestinian Red Crescent reports

Israeli forces besiege two more Gaza hospitals, Palestinian Red Crescent reports

The ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza has taken a heavy toll on the region’s healthcare system. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has reported that Israeli forces have surrounded two hospitals in the Gaza Strip, making it incredibly difficult for medical teams to operate effectively.

Al-Amal Hospital and Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza are currently encircled by Israeli forces, who have been engaging in intense shelling and heavy gunfire in the area. The situation has created a chaotic and dangerous environment for both patients and medical staff.

In a controversial move, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have claimed to have apprehended terrorists in Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility, and have allegedly found weapons and infrastructure there. This has further escalated tensions and raised concerns about the safety of medical facilities in the region.

The conflict has also taken a heavy toll on both sides, with the IDF announcing the death of one soldier, bringing the death toll among soldiers to 252 since the ground operation began. Meanwhile, over 32,000 people have died in Gaza since the attacks began in October, with nearly 75,000 others injured.

Hospitals in Gaza have been caught in the crossfire throughout the conflict, with Israel accusing them of harboring terrorists. The UN Secretary General has called for a ceasefire and the immediate release of hostages, warning of “horror and starvation” in Gaza if the violence continues.

In response, Israel’s Foreign Minister has criticized the UN, accusing the organization of sheltering and emboldening terrorists, and stating that they have poor relations with Israel. The situation remains tense, with both sides showing no signs of backing down, leaving the people of Gaza caught in the middle of a deadly conflict.

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