INXS: You need tonight, riff mémorable et message direct

An Australian group will shake the planet in 1987. After 11 years of efforts and 5 albums, the success lies with the RV and its singer Michael Huthens, the charismatic beast of the stage, becoming a crowd idol. Memorable riff, direct message, this is the invincible recipe of INXS.

INXS, “in excess” in 2 words, understand the literal translation more. It was a technician from the group who came up with the name and who did not believe it was so close to reality. The group is formed in Sydney, with Andrew Farris Andrew on all-around keyboards, Tim on guitar and John on drums. In a bio from the group, Andrew says that it was he who had the idea of ​​this rift. He was waiting for a taxi to go to the airport and left for Hong Kong, eventually, the taxi would wait for him for an hour. Meanwhile, he goes back to his hotel room to record this famous crack on a cassette.

From their beginnings, the group takes on a wave of new wave, combining rock and blues, and the singer’s charisma as well as their love life also participate in the group’s notoriety. He fell for Kylie Minogue, a few years later he would pay tribute to her in music.

But success is sometimes a fleeting and often brutal setting. In the mid-90s, Michael Hitchens was selected to give a trophy at the American awards ceremony. If Inxs is losing ground, it is the Oasis group that shines that evening. When he awards Noel Gallagher, he intensifies these words: “We must not ask one-on-one to award the veterans of tomorrow”. More acclaim, Justin Timberlake is inspired by the title in 2013.

And Liv Tyler, the daughter of the singer of the group Aerosmith, reprises this iconic title for a perfume advertising campaign.

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And as in music too, recycling can be good, with English singer Dua Lipa taking a sample raga in spring 2020 for his title Break My Heart.

Tonight you need a symbol of the golden era of INXS. The group survives at the age of 37, a few years after the singer’s death in 97. The Australian group tries out a new adventure with the singer, chosen after a reality TV show in 2005, but the success of the 80s remains in the memories department. The group’s CV mentions twelve studio albums and 30 million copies sold.

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