Intel officials have doubted Times’ Russia-Taliban reward plan

Intel officials have doubted Times' Russia-Taliban reward plan

WASHINGTON – Intelligence officials said a news report that paid Russia to kill the US troops in Afghanistan did not match the “verifiable” Taliban event and was never presented to President Trump because it was unreliable.

The National Security Agency reviewed the allegations in the New York Times report, but found that it “did not match well-established and verifiable Taliban and Hakkani practices,” reports from CBS News’s top researcher reporter Catherine Herridge. who tweeted said he had direct information with an intelligence officer.

The intelligence report did not have “enough reporting to support any link”, and since there were a lot of opposing views on the allegations, the report reached only the “low levels” of the White House National Security Council and was never flagged for Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

Herridge’s reports aroused suspicion that US officials reported Trump in Russia’s plan to pay Taliban militants to kill America’s troops in Afghanistan in order to expel them from the region.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied these allegations Monday and said she was never informed as the president denied her views with the intelligence community.

The senior intelligence official has confirmed that the claims of the Russia-Taliban reward have never been included in the president’s daily briefing on top secret security issues.

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