Unarmed black man shot dead by Atlanta cops by Atlanta cops

According to Georgian officials, an unarmed black man was shot and killed by the Atlanta police on Friday night while a Wendy police was sleeping in the car.

Atlanta police said that Atlanta’s 27-year-old victim, Rayshard Brooks, resisted arrest and that police caught Taser’s when a field failed an appeal test.

However, the Georgia Investigation Bureau is investigating firing at the request of the Atlanta Police Department, agency said in a press release Saturday.

The witness video of the shots is under reveiw, GBI said Twitter.

Investigators have so far published this narrative of unarmed black suspects, the police brutality most recently caused by the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the fire that broke out in the midst of international protests of racism.

Atlanta Police answered Wendy’s phone at 22:33. On Friday, after the complaint of a man sleeping in a car riding in a fast food restaurant.

The vehicle blocked the blocks of other customers who had to walk around it.

The incoming policemen gave Brooks a field push test to the man in the car.

“The officers tried to detain the male issue after the test failed,” said the GBI press release.

“During the arrest, the male subject resisted and a struggle started.

“Officer deployed a Taser. Witnesses reported that the male subject was caught during the fight and that he had Taser. “

GBI said the anonymous police shot down Brooks during the fight against Taser.

“The GBI will continue its independent investigation,” the agency’s press release said.

“Once completed, the case will be transferred to the Fulton County District Attorney for review.”

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The agency tweeted that some of the witnesses at the scene chose not to be identified by GBI agents. “We encourage any witnesses to contact 1-800-597-TIPS,” said GBI.

“Have we learned absolutely nothing? NOTHING? “Is a Twitter user, @ J264B replied. “In which world should the lethal force be used in this case?”

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