Insider Wales Sport Reports: Spyware Maker LetMeSpy Ceases Operations Following Server Data Loss

Breaking: LetMeSpy, a Poland-based spyware app, has closed down permanently after suffering a major data breach in June. The breach resulted in the deletion of LetMeSpy’s servers, leaving users unable to log in or create new accounts on the website.

According to a notice on LetMeSpy’s former login page, the hacker responsible for the breach gained access to the app’s database and deleted valuable data. LetMeSpy’s app was well-known for its ability to remain hidden on a victim’s phone, making it challenging to detect and remove. This allowed the spyware to steal messages, call logs, and real-time location data undetected.

The non-profit transparency collective DDoSecrets has acquired a copy of LetMeSpy’s compromised database. Shockingly, the data showed that the spyware had been used to steal information from more than 13,000 Android devices worldwide. The database also revealed that LetMeSpy was developed by a Krakow-based tech company called Radeal. However, the CEO of Radeal has declined to comment on the matter.

This incident marks yet another case of a spyware operation shutting down after a major security incident exposed victims’ data and the identities of its operators. Spytrac, a spyware app with over a million user records, also closed down recently after investigative reporting by TechCrunch highlighted their involvement in the surveillance industry.

LetMeSpy’s closure brings relief to countless individuals who were potential targets of this invasive technology. The shutdown also serves as a stern reminder of the dangers posed by spyware and the need for tighter regulation in the surveillance industry.

Wales Insider Sport will continue to keep a close eye on developments in this situation and report any further security incidents or actions taken against spyware operations. Stay tuned for more updates.

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