Wales Sport Insider: Apple demands OLED suppliers for iPad Pro, includes new vendor for iPhone 16

Apple has been making strides in incorporating OLED displays into its iPad Pro lineup, with the long-awaited debut expected at the upcoming May 7 Apple event. Suppliers have reported new challenges in the production of OLED panels for the 2024 iPad Pro, including the use of a hybrid substrate combining glass and polyimide materials, as well as the adoption of 2-stack tandem technology for the first time.

The process for creating OLED displays for the iPad Pro has proven to be more complex than that of the iPhone, with suppliers having to master a more involved process to meet Apple’s high standards. In addition, a recent report has highlighted changes in OLED suppliers for the iPhone 16, with Novatek being added to the roster for OLED Display Driver ICs.

Although Novatek has not yet been officially added to Apple’s supplier list, a sharp increase in orders indicates their involvement in the production of the iPhone 16. This change is consistent with Apple’s ongoing efforts to assess and adjust the supply process for each product, often adding or replacing suppliers as needed to ensure quality and efficiency.

Overall, the introduction of OLED technology to the iPad Pro and the changes in supplier lineup for the iPhone 16 demonstrate Apple’s commitment to innovation and quality in its product lineup. Stay tuned for more updates at the upcoming Apple event on May 7.

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