Insider Wales Sport – March Update Preview for Ranked Halo Matches

Insider Wales Sport – March Update Preview for Ranked Halo Matches

In the latest gaming news, Halo Infinite’s March Update is set to shake up Ranked gameplay with a series of weapon balance adjustments. The changes include tweaks to the Bandit EVO and M392 Bandit, increasing reload speed and altering the spawn influencer weapon cone.

Heatwave is also getting a makeover with decreased auto aim angle and range, as well as aim assist falloff range adjustments. The Plasma Pistol changes aim to strike a balance between single shot and charged shot usage, while Stalker Rifle adjustments are designed to challenge skilled players even more.

The VK78 Commando is also receiving tweaks to improve reliability and enhance its role on the map. But perhaps the most intriguing addition is the experimental feature called Deterministic CSR Payouts. This feature will be tested on players with a CSR of 1800+, awarding or deducting 7 CSR points for a win or loss, regardless of individual performance.

However, there are concerns about the risks of CSR inflation and potential impact on matchmaking. Player feedback will be crucial in determining the success of this experiment in Ranked gameplay. So, Halo fans, get ready to test out these changes and make your voices heard in shaping the future of the game. Stay tuned for more updates on Insider Wales Sport.

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