Insider Wales Sport: Introducing Topographic Maps on iPhone in iOS 18

Insider Wales Sport: Introducing Topographic Maps on iPhone in iOS 18

Apple is reportedly gearing up to enhance its Apple Maps app with the addition of topographic maps in future software updates for iOS, macOS, and visionOS. This update comes after the initial introduction of topographic maps with watchOS 10, which includes trails, contour lines, elevation, and points of interest for accurate navigation during outdoor activities.

The tech giant has been steadily expanding support for topographic maps across the United States and now appears ready to bring this feature to a wider audience through iOS, macOS, and visionOS. Backend code for the topographic maps was initially introduced last year but was limited to watchOS 10. Now, with the code active in backend files for future software updates, it seems Apple is on the cusp of a significant expansion.

This development comes on the heels of a recent report suggesting that Apple Maps could soon support custom routes, allowing users to create their own personalized navigation paths. With the highly anticipated iOS 18 set to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, users can expect a slew of new features and updates, including enhancements to Apple Maps.

For those eager to learn more about what iOS 18 has in store for Apple Maps, MacRumors has put together a comprehensive roundup to provide readers with all the latest information. Stay tuned for updates on Apple’s plans to revolutionize navigation and mapping technology with these upcoming software updates.

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