Index – Household – Michaels Kessler promises another dose of vaccine for New Year’s Eve

After receiving scattered pieces of information about the arrival of vaccination against coronovirus in Hungary in countless short MTI reports and a carefully crafted Facebook video today, HR Minister Mikolles Kessler finally gave enough in his late afternoon video Novelty announced.

That is, on December 31, another 35 thousand doses of vaccine will arrive in the country.

It will be assigned according to the priorities of the newly described vaccination protocol. First, the health workers working on the front line, and the doctors and nurses with intensive care within it, can be vaccinated.

The minister insisted that the government ordered more than 17 million doses of the vaccine, as they wanted to achieve the level of vaccination required for herd immunity in society as soon as possible.

Also mentioned

Clinical trials of Russian vaccines in Hungary may soon begin with 3,000 people.

He also talked about the fact that, in parallel, Hungarian scientists are constantly working on the application of the latest therapeutic results.

We are trying to stop the virus at many points, this is good news, or the Greek message for the gospel, Mikols Kessler, mentions the Christian message of Christmas.

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