In the overnight meltdown, Trump claimed eight fake elections in just four tweets

Donald Trump made eight misleading or misleading claims about multiple U.S. tweets overnight, ending at 1 a.m. with a lie that he was “elected!”

Hours after the president made this baseless statement to Joe Biden briefly, he tweeted that the president-elect had “won” – although it was part of a “false claim” to the election.

“Why is the fake news media constantly assuming that Joe Biden will run for president, not even allowing our party to show that we are just getting ready, how badly our great constitution has been torn apart and violated in the 2020 election,” Mr. Trump said. Tweeted just before 10pm on Sunday.

“It was attacked, probably never before! Systems have been rejected by Texas and many others because of the huge number of poll watchers thrown out of the counting booths in most of our states, to the millions of ballots that have changed for Democrats, post-election voting, using radical left-dominated domination voting in Texas and many more. Well or not safe, those responsible for protecting our Constitution cannot let the fake results of the 2020 mail-in election stand. ”

There is no evidence that the election violated the U.S. Constitution in any way, or that it was “attacked”. The Trump administration’s own cybersecurity and infrastructure protection agency has in fact hailed it as “the most secure in American history.”

Trump’s campaign now denies allegations that thousands of ballots were illegally processed without his representatives seeing, before the start of a hearing in Pennsylvania on Tuesday that sought to close the election results certificate, which Mr. Biden narrowly won.

Similarly, there is no evidence that Democrats systematically changed the ballot, let alone do it among millions of people, or vote illegally after polling stations closed.

Dominion voting systems, an election technology company that provides software to local governments, emerged from a conspiracy theory that was politically biased when a human error briefly led to a fraudulent election result in a Michigan county.

This error was soon corrected, creating a theory by Mr. Trump and his associates that the Dominion had “deleted” millions of Mr. Trump’s votes.

A Georgia county delayed its reporting due to an apparent problem with the firm’s software, but other isolated issues blaming Dominion were actually linked to an individual agency’s software, or simply to the general public’s fault.

“There is no credible report or evidence regarding the software,” Dominion himself said in a statement last week. “While no election is without isolation issues, Dominion voting systems are counting ballots reliably and accurately. State and local election authorities have publicly endorsed the process. “

The fact that Mr. Trump’s decision was “fake” was not supported by his earlier claims, and his campaign’s legal efforts to challenge the election results were seen as lacking in sufficient evidence.

This claim is a lie. Democratic nominee Mr. Biden won the race, finishing with 306 electoral college votes, the same number Mr. Trump won in the 2016 election. Mr. Biden also received a popular vote with more than 5 million votes.

Twitter slapped the warning label on three of Mr Trump’s four tweets in an attempt to challenge the election’s misinformation.

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