ICC sanctions against ‘bad news’: EU official

ICC sanctions against 'bad news': EU official

A senior European Union official condemned President Trump’s decision to approve sanctions for employees of the International Criminal Court, which described the policy as a “serious concern”.

On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that issued severe economic penalties to ICC workers or anyone helping the investigation against the US or its allies, as the court is currently investigating whether American soldiers are committing war crimes in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the online press conference after meeting European foreign ministers, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell went against the measure.

“[This] As you can understand, it is a serious concern because we, as the European Union, are the determined supporter of the International Criminal Court. ” Politico report.

Borell said that while his meeting was coming to an end, he learned “very bad news” and that the Netherlands-based court should be respected.

“I definitely think I can repeat our support for this institution,” he said.

“A key factor in ensuring justice and peace must be respected and supported by all nations and we will analyze the decision to evaluate all its results,” he said.

However, Trump officials said on Thursday that the ICC investigation into the actions of US troops in Afghanistan was forced by bad actors, including Russia, who accused him of “manipulating” the court.

“The ICC investigation into Afghanistan is being put forward by a suspected integrity organization and may be the target of corruption and malicious influence of Russia and others,” a senior US official said. Said.

“We also have a reason to question the integrity of this investigation to American personnel, believing that the highest levels of prosecution of the ICC are corruption and abuse.”

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The intergovernmental organization is prosecuting individuals for international crimes such as genocide and war crimes and has more than 123 member states.

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