How Donald Trump is leaning towards transition

He said: “They promised blockbuster staff, and then nothing happened. And that’s not exactly good. If you want to hold a press conference like this with the promise of blockbusters, there’s more to be done.”

Several other Republican senators broke the silence and said it was time to move on. A close friend of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell publicly urged Mr. Trump to “put the country first.”

More than 100 business leaders have signed a letter calling for a smooth transition. Steve Schwarzmann, a Wall Street investor and presidential aide, said the results were “very certain.”

The same day Michigan proved his election results in favor of Mr. Biden, and so did many counties in Pennsylvania.

Mr Trump was in the Oval Office on Monday when his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and White House Counsel Pat Ciplon were present, suggesting a crutch meeting had taken place. Mr Trump’s personal lawyer, Jay Sekulo, was reportedly on the phone.

Mr. Trump will never need to be formally recognized, but the transition is expected to begin.

Since the election was called Emily Murphy, an employer of Mr. Trump as administrator of the General Services Administration, he has not officially announced that the necessary transformation could begin under the 19th Transition3 Presidential Transition Act.

Ms Murphy, 47, said in a few weeks she had received “thousands of threats” to herself, her family, employees and even her pets. On Monday, 16 days later, he finally wrote in the Biden campaign. To say that he made the decision and that it was his alone.

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However, in tweets sent just minutes after M Murphy’s letter was published, the president suggested that he was the one who applied for the conversion.

He unexpectedly struck a chord with the compromise and, in line with the language of senior Republican senators, said it was “best for our country.”

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