His sister Kim Jong Un is not part of the Politburo

Ms. Kim Yo Jong in Hanoi in 2019 – Photo: BLOOMBERG

According to the news agency Kcna North Korea’s sister Kim Yong Un, Ms. Kim Yo Yong, was not on the list of members of the Politburo, the supreme governing body of the Korean Labor Party.

This is a published list after the 8th Korean Labor Party Congress.

Over the next 5 years, on Sunday (January 10), the Korean Workers Party voted in a congressional framework to outline the direction and goals for the areas of politics, military, and diplomacy. 8th Party Central Executive Committee.

Accordingly, although Kim Yo Yong is still a member of the Party Central Committee, she is no longer a member of the Politburo.

The change was noticed by observers when Kim Yo Jong, along with 38 other leaders, posted a forum in executive position at the opening of the party congress, a few days ago.

In recent years, the political status of the sister of the North Korean leader has steadily increased, a fact that has attracted the attention of international observers.

Initially she appeared as a private secretary for her brother, then a special envoy was sent by her brother to attend some special events in Korea, she is also the vice president of the party agency on personnel and organization issues.

In 2017, Kim Yo Jong became the second woman from North Korea to join the Politburo after her aunt Kim Kyong Hui.

In August 2020, the South Korean intelligence agency claimed that Kim Yo Jong was even holding a de facto position as the “second-largest power holder” in North Korea.

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“It is too early to draw any conclusions about her position, as she is still a member of the party’s Central Committee, and it is likely that she has held other important positions.” Professor Lim Eul-chul, studying in Korea, Seoul Commented while studying at Kyungnam University.


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