High Court of Justice orders immediate release of rival Bobby Vine

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The adversaries are actually locked in their Kampala residence since the presidential election on 14 January. The soldiers surrounded his house. Bobby Vine, who challenged President Museveni in this election and who also rejected his election, should theoretically be able to gain freedom of movement during the day.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed that hundreds of soldiers and police outside his home would begin leaving the area on Monday. The only downside is that bobby wine will be kept under surveillance, because Leader of opposition Still want to mobilize his supporters against the government to challenge the president’s results. This is why the police have to justify it ” Preventive dentistry “. However, the High Court Justice rejected the argument, stating that Bobby Vine’s detention was ” Illegal »

However, Bobby Vine lawyers are not completely satisfied. After this decision. Master Benjamin Katana explains that he is also afraid of other restrictive measures: We have received reports that the authorities plan to arrest Bobby Vine soon after his release and to detain and detain him on charges of other crimes. The goal is to keep it out of circulation for a while. »

It should be remembered that there is not much time left for Bobby Vine to file his appeal after the President’s results before the Supreme Court. The deadline has been fixed for this on Friday. In addition, his party, The Platform for National Unity, is having difficulty gathering evidence of electoral fraud. According to the liquor lawyer, the party’s premises were surrounded by police, several election observers were arrested and records were seized.

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