‘He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage’: Obama mocks Trump at Florida rally

Barack Obama taunted Donald Trump at a rally in Florida on Tuesday for the president’s accusations about the media, exacerbating the national coronavirus crisis.

The 44th president has recently given up the traditional tidal wave where a former president, in particular, refrained from publicly criticizing his successor by lampstating the 44th president in a recent speech for his response to the coronavirus epidemic.

At a drive-in rally in Orlando to raise support for his former vice president and now White House Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, Obama took the tune of Trump’s mockery with anger.

He spoke of the record number of coronavirus deaths in the United States and asked in a speech to the President: “What is his concluding argument?” Only one week left with the election

“People pay a lot of attention to Kovid. He said in one of his rallies, ‘Covid, covid, covid’, he is complaining. He’s allous jealous of Covid’s media coverage, ”Obama said with a laugh and sarcastic disbelief.

Trump made the remarks at a rally in North Carolina on Saturday and complained that the media was paying too much attention to the coronavirus, even claiming that the number of recorded cases was exaggerated and the death rate was low.

Obama said: “If he had focused on Covid from the beginning, the cases across the country would not have reached record heights this week, the second outbreak of the White House in a month would not have happened.

Activists working on behalf of Vice-President Mike Pence have come down with Covid, Trump, his wife and youngest son all revealed over the weekend a week after having the coronavirus, multiple celebrities tested positive after the ceremony to nominate White House Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court.

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Obama also slammed the White House over remarks by Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on television over the weekend that the administration was not going to control the epidemic.

“Winter is coming,” Obama said. They are hoisting the white flag of surrender. Florida, we can’t afford four more years, that’s why we sent Joe Biden to the White House. “

Trump Tweeted It was a “no crowd, fake speech” and slammed the conservative Fox News for promoting it.

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