Glass Window Bridge and Eleuthera’s demonstrations in the Bahamas

Glass Window Bridge and Eleuthera's demonstrations in the Bahamas

Eleuthera, Bahamas (CNN) – The friendly and humble island of Bahama Eleuthera offers stagnant, dreamy, toes in the sand, drink getaways at hand.

The curved island with the name taken from the Greek word for freedom also looks bravely.

High cliffs supported the east coast to the Atlantic line. It has crystal clear aqua water-sugary beaches and low rocky coastline in the west.

Pleasant average temperatures range from low 70s F in winter to low 80s F in summer.

And one main road is Eleuthera, which stretches 110 miles but is only two miles at its widest point.

The island has stunning natural features up and down, some of the most striking views in the narrowest and southern points.

Contrary work

The Glass Window Bridge is spread across a strip of land that separates the azure Atlantic from the Eleuthera Bay.

Deborah Brunswick and Craig Waxman / CNN

Located on the skin of Eleuthera, the Glass Window Bridge stretches along a 30-meter strip that separates the dark, churning waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the smooth turquoise shallows of the Eleuthera Bay.

Contrast is especially arrested from the air. With sturdy shoes, you can climb up the rugged karst hill above the bridge for a wider view of the thin island up and down and two bodies of water.

Severe storms have long washed a natural stone arch that once stood on today’s concrete bridge. However, American artist Winslow Homer managed to catch the belt in his painting, circa 1885. “Glass window.”

Rough weather and sea waves can lead to bridge closures and dangerous situations, so it is best to avoid the area when conditions are bad.

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Sucking nature

Queen's Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock by the pounding Atlantic.

Queen’s Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock by the pounding Atlantic.

Marnie Hunter / CNN

There is another disaster worth seeing about half a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge.

Queen’s Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock with centuries-long surf on the wild Atlantic side of Eleuthera.

Surfing is washed in pools when outside temperatures are warm but not hot. When heated, the pools are heated by the sun to a bath-like temperature.

It is best to visit when the tide is quite low and jump completely when the surf is hard. The rocky “bathtub” surfaces are quite sharp and water shoes or tennis shoes are a must.

Both the bridge and the bathrooms are about 15 minutes’ drive from North Eleuthera Airport, which welcomes direct flights from Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale and Miami during normal travel times.

While Castaway isolation is in progress

On an island that has more than the fair share of its beautiful beaches, there is a more demanding piece of sand that will require extra effort.

Located about two hours south of the Glass Window Bridge, at the southernmost end of Eleuthera, Lighthouse Beach has island insulation on its most seductive screen savers.

one Jeep or SUV Best for navigating rocky, unpaved roads.

Winnings? Powdery pink sand shafts on the Atlantic side of the island. An old lighthouse sits on limestone rising above the ocean, and great snorkeling and beautiful views on Half Moon Cay add to the fascinating distance of the spot.

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