Former head of state Didier Ratisarka died at the age of 84

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Former Madagascan state head Didier Ratsiraka died at the age of 84 on Sunday, March 28. The announcement was made on their Facebook page. He was President of Madagascar twice from 1975 to 1993, then from 1997 to 2002. The Navy officer, nicknamed “The Red Admiral” for his socialist policies, was hospitalized at the beginning of the week for a routine check-up. .

He is a symbol person big Island And the African continent that has died. Originally resident of Vatomandri on the east coast of the country, Didier Ratsiraka was the head of the Malagasy state for 21 years. A naval officer, he entered politics as a soldier in 1972 during a transitional regime.

At the age of 36, he then became foreign minister and received amendments to cooperation agreements with France, with the departure of French troops and the evacuation of the Diego Suarez base in the far north of France. Frank get out of the zone. At that time, Didier Ratsiraka was nicknamed “ clever “By Jacques Focart,” Mr africa From French Presidents.

Three years later, he was brought to the head of the country by a military directory. He was the head of his state, the Charter of the Socialist Revolution (” Boki Maina ┬╗In Malagasy) In which it establishes the principles of the constitution of the Second Republic.

Along with Didier Ratsirka, Madagascar is joining himself as a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, a country that declared itself independent of the blocks of East and West during the Cold War.

Electoral crisis and exile in France

During its first years in power, it is close Fidel Castro Establish a socialist policy along with the names of education and cities. A socialist policy that is running out of steam. In 1991, he accepted the liberal change demanded by Albert Zafi, which made him successful as head of state.

The Red Admiral returned four years later. At the end of his mandate, an electoral crisis with his adversary Mark Ravalomanana forced him to go into exile for nine years in France, a country in which he made his part of his studies in 1955, especially at the Naval School. Breast.

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He returned home in 2013 to attend a summit of national reconciliation initiated by the Council of Christian Churches of Madison.

Since his return and more recently, to the founder of the party, Didier Ratsiraka Avant-garde for the Malawasi revolutionHe said that no concrete steps have been taken by the government to prevent such incidents. (Arma), remained active in Malagasy politics. He was regularly invited to television sets to give his analysis, particularly on the issue of the scattered islands that France opposes in Madagascar and in which he has always been involved.

Three years ago, this figure of Malagasy politics also stood for the presidential election.

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