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In the Central African Republic, it remains quiet on Friday, January 15, in Bungi, 48 hours after a surprise attack on two axes leading to the capital by the Patriots’ Alliance for Change (rebel). As a military cooperation that connects it to the Central African Republic, in 2018 Russia deployed more than 170 civilian trainers to train Central African Armed Forces (FACA) troops.

Moscow gave several shipments of weapons to equip the Central African Armed Forces between 2018 and 2020. To this end, Russia received a partial lifting of arms from the United Nations Security Council, weighing on the Central African Republic since 2013.

In mid-December 2020, Russia thus deployed men and military equipment to help the Central African Army counter the invasion of the Patriots for Change (CPC).

“These are the trainers who have been there from 2017-2018. Apparently, there is a contract or an agreement between the Central African Government and the Wagner Group.” Supports Thierry Virkulan, Coordinator of the Observatory for Southern and Central Africa, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). Wagner is a Russian mercenary company, formed by GRU officer, Russian Military Intelligence Department, Dmitry Outkin. The private paramilitary group has already made a name for itself during the intervention in Syria.

“This well-known group is providing Russian mercenaries to several Syrian theaters, including Syria. The group has sent reinforcements to secure the election on 27 December. They are the ones who are currently in the Central African Republic I am working in. ” , Thierry Vircoulon continues.


To fight the CPC rebels, Minuska troops are cooperating on-the-ground with the Central African Armed Forces and their Russian and Rwandan allies. It is thus unprecedented to see that the United Nations is fighting with so many military forces, including a private group, says Hans de Marie Hengoup, Central African Republic’s expert in international crisis groups.

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according to him, “This is one of the rare times among peace missions in the world, where we look shoulder to shoulder with bilateral forces on behalf of the United Nations and even private forces like the Wagner Company. However, this does not happen Is not yet a memorandum of understanding. What is happening on the ground requires a co-existence relationship and a minimum relationship of coordination so that the two armies do not push themselves upon each other. War zones and theaters of operation. “

Albert Yalok Mökem, Minister, Advisor and Spokesperson for the Central African Presidency, contacted by DW, placed Russia’s military presence in the country within the framework of the exemption made by the UN Security Council. Weapons applicable to the Central African Republic.

Mercenary rebel

We are also present in the category of Patidars of the coalition as rebels’ change (CPC).

An appearance in the middle of the week at Bungu was confirmed by Interior Minister General Henry Vanget Linguissara in charge of public safety, presenting one of the rebel fighters who took prisoners during the fighting on Wednesday on national television. According to the minister, the latter will be spoken neither in Sango, the national language, nor French, but in local Arabic in Chad.

Former Celica Rebel, CPC Member

The rebel fighter also confessed to the prisoner that he came from Koumara, a city in southern Chad, which has always served as a backstage for Central African rebels. What’s not surprising is Thierry Vircoulon: “Very often there are militias who come from Chad or Sudan and who work with armed Central African groups, or sometimes who form armed bands in the Central African Republic. This is exactly what we have seen for ten years. That is to say, the fact is that there is a kind of regional bandit in the Central African Republic. This happened in 2013. And in fact, there were Sudanese militias in particular, who participated in the Celica. So we see that the same incident is happening again. ”

As part of the bilateral defense agreement, Rwanda deployed troops to the Central African Republic in December 2020, in addition to its unified contingent within Minuska (United Nations Mission).

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Return of Russian instructors

UN Security Council meeting room in New York

UN Security Council meeting room in New York

According to diplomats on condition of anonymity, Russia informed the United Nations this week that it would withdraw its 300 “military instructors” sent to the Central African Republic in late 2020 for the presidential election, the diplomats said on Friday. told. . The United Nations Sanctions Committee was notified to monitor the stockpile of weapons imposed on the Central African Republic.

In addition to hundreds of trainers, Moscow deployed three or four transport helicopters in the country.

In addition, the withdrawal of the Russian military was announced ahead of Wednesday’s attacks on the outskirts of Bungi, and questions are arising at the United Nations over whether Moscow is actually allowing Russian troops after the latest rebel attacks against the capital Bungi Will take it back. .

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“We are going to withdraw our unarmed instructors from the Central African Republic who were deployed as reinforcements in December” and “this information has been forwarded to the sanctions committee”, Said the spokesman of the Russian diplomatic mission to the United Nations.

In mid-December, after Russia refused to send “Regular forces“As Bungie claimed, at least the deployment had ended in recognition”300 military instructors“Apart from.

At the request of Bunge during a UN Security Council meeting behind closed doors on Wednesday in the Central African Republic, a new meeting was scheduled in this country on 21 January, which according to diplomats would be public. Central African officials want to request an opportunity to ban temporary weapons to better deal with the insurgents, who continue to control more than 2/3 of the national territory.

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