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Apple is set to make big changes to its iPad lineup with a special event scheduled for May 7. In a surprising move, the tech giant will also be holding a companion event in London on the same day.

Unlike their usual events held in California, the London event will be invite-only and not open to the public. Attendees from multiple countries around Europe and even Australia are expected to be present, hinting that Apple’s Vision Pro may be about to debut outside the United States.

New products like the iPad Pro, iPad Air, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil are anticipated to launch during the event. The event will be live-streamed globally, with hands-on time with the products available at the London event.

The odd event time may have been chosen to accommodate the London event as well. Additionally, the event will include a multi-day gathering for journalists, bloggers, and social media content creators.

This move by Apple marks a significant departure from their usual event locations and may signal a shift in their global strategy. Fans and tech enthusiasts will be eagerly awaiting the announcements and updates from the highly anticipated event. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates from Insider Wales Sport.

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