European Union, United Kingdom and Norway agree: first agreement on fishing since Brexit

Fishermen for herring, plas, cod, haddock, whiting and sithe will soon find out where they stand for the settlement in the near future. Exactly how the agreement will be for Dutch fishermen will become clear next week.

Norway is not part of the European Union and has long entered into fishing agreements with Brussels. Nowadays there is also a separate place on the negotiating table for the United Kingdom, which left the European Union last year and has no longer followed EU rules since the turn of the year.

Young fish are safe

London and Brussels agreed to a provisional catch limit last year, pending a definitive agreement. Since negotiations with Norway were not concluded earlier, fishermen of the European Union were no longer allowed to fish in Norwegian waters, contrary to the old rules that had expired on 1 January. He hit Danish fishermen particularly hard. Now they get re-entry.

Fishermen are allowed to catch 7.4 percent less herring, 2.3 percent less plaque and a quarter less sith this year. There will be a 10 percent reduction in the cod quota. They are allowed 19 and 20 percent more whiting and haddock fish respectively.

Brussels, London and Oslo will also protect young fish, for example by closing some of the water. They will work together to monitor fish stocks.

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