EU wants to strengthen its global humanitarian impact in the face of Kovid-19 pandemic

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed several actions aimed at strengthening the European Union’s global humanitarian impact in the face of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

According to a press release from the European Commission, these actions are intended to respond to the rapidly growing human needs in the world due to the coronovirus epidemic.

These include broadening the resource base, promoting a more favorable environment for human partners, and accelerating the delivery of humanitarian aid by addressing the root causes of crises within a “European team” approach.

“Today, a humanitarian crisis lasts more than nine years on average, if not longer. Many of them are in danger of being forgotten in Yemen or Syria. But the European Union is not forgetting. Humanitarian aid is one of the most concrete examples of external action by the European Union and evidence of our solidarity.

For him, respect for international humanitarian law “must be more than ever at the heart of our foreign policy to support humanitarian action and protect civilians and humanitarian workers who risk their lives to protect them all over the world.” Protect “.

Within the framework of the Commission’s proposals, the European Union will be called upon to establish a new European humanitarian response capability to directly intervene in humanitarian crises, when the traditional delivery of humanitarian aid by EU allies or intermediaries of their capabilities The mechanism may be ineffective or insufficient. The aim will be to simplify logistics, including transportation, by allowing pooling of resources and facilitating their deployment in the region.

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According to the European Executive, the group formed by the European Union and its member states constitutes the world’s largest humanitarian aid donor, accounting for about 36% of global humanitarian aid.

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