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Proclamation of Prince Hamza’s allegiance, made public on Monday evening, reconciliation within the royal family. But allegations of a conspiracy to “destabilize” King Abdullah II against the former Crown Prince on Saturday revealed dissatisfaction within the ruling family as well as some Jordanians.

King Abdullah II. Does bin al-Hussein feel threatened by his stepbrother?

“Evil Plan” and Conjuring

On Saturday, Jordan’s deputy prime minister condemned the existence of a “rogue plan” aimed at “destabilizing” the monarchy. The prime example of this conspiracy would be none other than King Abdullah II’s half-brother, Prince Hamza. The announcement is surprising: Jordan’s royal family is not in the habit of washing their dirty clothes in public.

Prince Hamza is the son of King Hussein, who crowned him. But in 2004, Abdullah II wrested him his title of the throne in favor of his own son.

“Most likely, Prince Hamza committed the crime, Analysis Jalal Al-Husseini, Associate Researcher at Impo, French Institute for the Near East, in Amman. In recent years, he had become quite viral due to the policy adopted by the regime in the field of the fight against corruption, the conduct of economic affairs and the affairs of the country in general. “

Intense controversy

In his letter of allegiance to the king, Prince Hamza does not deny his allegations, which suggests that reconciliation is only one aspect within the royal family.

Prince Hamza claims he was arrested on Sunday – which officials have not confirmed. And the former heir to the throne also indicated that he would not comply with the orders of the Chief of Staff, so that he would not have to communicate with the outside.

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The deputy prime minister claimed that there were links between the king’s former advisor, Prince Hamza and Basim Awadallah, but also included the king’s former envoy in Saudi Arabia, Cherif Hasan ben Zaid, and “fourteen to sixteen others”.

Researcher Jalal Al-Husseini is skeptical of this association:

For instance, “Basim Awadhallah was a great promoter of the privatization of the economy, which is not with Prince Hamza. Basim Awadhala Jordan is also very urban, while Prince Hamza is very close to the tribes that have an important role. The country’s villagers. Areas. So we are still waiting to see what is the foundation of this relationship. We have talked about several countries behind this conspiracy. Prince Hamza’s leadership could have supported the coup attempt.

In addition, the military, intelligence and security services are still loyal to the king. Furthermore, Jalal al-Husseini underlines that the Jordan monarchy is constitutional, with a government and parliament. “Jordan has a democratic game”, Unlike the full monarchy in place in Saudi Arabia, the Iffo researchers point out.

There is a need for stability in the Middle East

However, Jalal al-Husseini noted “Decrease in power of Parliament, decrease in efficiency of government” Instead of ideological voting, tribals are also “Big questions that undermine Jordan”.

Other researchers point out that that part of urban youth also opposes traditions they consider overwhelming.

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In addition to this political, cultural and economic crisis, and the ongoing health crisis, refugees also hold significant demographic weight. The country, with a population of 10.5 million, is home to around 4.5 million Palestinians (in roughly the same occupied territories), and more recently, one million Syrians have left their country and settled in Jordan. These arrivals thus sometimes give rise to tension.

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But many countries need a stable Jordan, and many leaders have run to assure their support to King Abdullah II.

The head of Saudi diplomacy was received during the day [de mardi] In Amman, it was refused by Abdullah II, despite previous tensions over the war in Yemen, or to ban the Muslim Brotherhood, taking a message from King Salman.

Palestinian refugees from the rest of the camp near Amman (2018 collection)

Almost two-thirds of Jordan’s population is of Palestinian descent.

Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas also traveled and said in Amman: “When these events happened, we saw the whole world, without exception, standing with Jordan and His Majesty, and this is a testament to the great respect and interest in this peaceful and safe country, for which we will always have safety and security.” Want to. “

Even “full support” from the United States and the Gulf monarchy. These are relying on Jordan’s stability, both to maintain the “jabber” economic crossing point that ensures their links with the Mediterranean, and a potential popular protest against the monarchy in Jordan from spreading to the sub-region Stop it.

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