DOJ pursues an urgent order to block John Bolton’s book

The Ministry of Justice is looking for an urgent order to prevent the publication of John Bolton’s book.

The order would make a precautionary decision to prevent the bomb shell of the former national security adviser from posting everything inside the White House.

The emergency ruling would open a lawsuit against the Trump administration Bolton on Tuesday, prompting the White House to speed up its legal battle against Bolton and delay the release on June 23.

“Filing by the government tonight is a politically motivated exercise for nothing,” said Simon & Schuster. “Hundreds of thousands of copies of John Bolton‘RoomAlready has already been distributed nationwide and worldwide. The precautionary measure demanded by the government will not achieve anything. “

Bolton’s office and Simon & Schuster introduced Bolton’s work as “the book Donald Trump didn’t want you to read,” promising that it was full of embarrassing and controversial stories from Bolton’s time at the White House.

Trump’s national intelligence manager, John Ratcliffe, made a statement Wednesday evening that Bolton’s “unauthorized disclosure of confidential information has damaged our national security and threatened the resources and methods used by the Intelligence Community to protect the American people.”

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