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(Seattle) Tired of always eating at home for a year due to a coronovirus epidemic? Seattle has decided to place bets on its sports infrastructure to provide some relief to its fellow citizens.

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For a limited time, a Foodies The city’s NFL clubs will be able to dine together on the Seahawks grounds, provided they follow social rules.

The “Field to Table” event took place earlier this month at Lumen Field. It provides a gourmet table for patrons, who will be able to enjoy a view at the same time that is usually reserved for NFL players and coaches.

However, this is not the case for all wallets: it costs US $ 100 per person, plus taxes and tips. Beverages are also extra.

what does that involve? Entrance through the metal tunnel is a seat in a waterproof shelter near the end zone on the Seahawks game day, north side of the stadium, and four local meals served by four local chefs on rotation in the kitchen.

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Tom and Debbie Gallagher celebrate their 45I Anniversary with a meal at the stadium of your favorite team.

The creator of the program, Sam Minkoff, said he believed it to be the first of its kind in the United States.

And people are crazy about it.

All of the early dates show “full”, but Minkoff insists that more will be available soon. He said his company SE Productions was able to book the stadium for two more weeks by March.

Photo SS Warren, Associated Press

Chef Jason Wilson (left) of The Lakehouse Restaurant and Sous Chef Demetrius Parker prepare the dishes served on the grounds of Lumen Field.

Field-to-table food is prepared in the kitchen of the stadium and reheated in the camp located near the customers’ tables. There are two services per day, each of which can accommodate 100 customers, as the sun shines as the atmosphere in the stadium changes under bright purple and green vessels.

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