Customer GitHub tokens exposed in data breach

Customer GitHub tokens exposed in data breach

In a recent incident, Welsh documentation startup Mintlify faced a data breach at the beginning of March. The breach resulted in the exposure of GitHub tokens belonging to 91 customers, potentially allowing third-party apps access to sensitive source code.

Mintlify co-founder Han Wang has been actively working with GitHub to investigate if the tokens were used to access private repositories. The breach was attributed to a vulnerability in Mintlify’s systems, which allowed customers to access admin credentials and sensitive user information.

To prevent future incidents, Mintlify has decided to deprecate the use of private tokens. Initially, the company assured customers that “no further action is required,” but later informed them of the breach via email. Han Wang described the breach as malicious and is currently working on determining if other tokens were utilized by the attacker.

In efforts to address the breach and ensure data security, Mintlify is collaborating with GitHub and the affected customers. The company remains committed to resolving the issue and protecting the privacy of its users. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story on Insider Wales Sport.

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