Coronavirus, today’s bulletin: 18,040 new infections and 505 deaths

According to the ISS president, the RT index is below 1, except in two areas: “decreasing but phase is slow”. Vaccine trucks left Belgium

Headlines in Italy and the world on the Kovid-19 epidemic.

7.45 pm – Israel announces third lockdown from Sunday

Israel returned to lockdown from Sunday in an attempt to stop the spread of coronovirus infection. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet has approved a ban on agitation for two weeks. Sanctions include the closure of most non-essential activities, limitations on meetings and travel, and reduction in public transport. At the same time, classes will continue for high school, kindergarten, and some elementary school students.

19.12 – Rugby: Two Premlata matches postponed

On Saturday, two English Premiership rugby matches scheduled for Bath-London Irish and Newcastle-Leicester have been postponed due to positive coronovirus cases.

05.05 pm – Positive in stronghold, match with Chievo postponed

The match between Chievo Verona and Sitadella has been postponed, valid for the day of the 15th match of Serie B. Sitadella has requested to postpone the match due to the condition of coronovirus infection in the team.

4.41 pm – Bulletin: Italy has more than 2 million cases

18,040 (yesterday there were 14522) new cases were registered and 505 (yesterday 553) victims according to the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health. Hospitalization (-476) and intensive care (-35) are below. The swabs were 193,777 (yesterday were 175,364), with a positive rate of 9.3% (+ 1% compared to yesterday). Italy has exceeded two million cases since the onset of the epidemic, with 18,040 positivity in the last 24 hours: they are now 2,009,317.

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15.35 – In Veneto

The number of new infections in Veneto has increased in the last 24 hours: 3,837 with 103 victims (yesterday they were 3,357).

3.11pm – Brusfero: “RT Sotto 1 except Molt and Veneto”

According to the president of the Estétio Superiore di Cinita, Silvio Brusfero, the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy is in a “dwindling but slow phase.” The RT index is below 1 in all regions except Molis and Veneto. And as the director general of the Ministry of Health, Gyani Reza explains that “we now have a type of stabilization after the decrease in RT, the decrease is actually a slight increase in RT which is now at 0.9. Some areas such as Lazio and Lombardy have an unstable RT, while Veneto has a number of new cases that recur. ”

3.11 pm – Rome Marathon postponed until September

The Asia Run Rome the Marathon was postponed to 19 September 2021, beginning at dawn. «We cannot afford treachery at the last moment – the organizers announced – today, the date of 21 March. Too uncertain, too close to prevent epidemic risks. Kovid has changed the balance of the entire planet and so we play in advance. We want to run and are safe, that’s why we move it ”.

2.40 pm – China blocks flights to Great Britain

China has decided to postpone all flights to and from the United Kingdom due to concerns related to the United Coronovirus variant.

13.25 – Austria in lockdown, but ski resort open

Following the announcement of the third lockdown, Austria has decided to reopen the ski resorts. According to the government, skiing is an outdoor sport and can be practiced safely with caution. Hotels, bars and restaurants remain closed.

12.15 – Macron has no other symptoms

French President Emmanuel Macron has defeated Kovid, with no more symptoms and is no longer in isolation.

11.14 – Trucks with Pfizer vaccine left Belgium

This morning the first vaccine trucks left for Europe from the Pfizer headquarters in Belgium against the Kovid-19. The trucks left for different countries from Purse in Belgium in the morning. In Italy, they will arrive at Spallenjani in Rome on 26th.

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