Coronavirus: Dr. Anthony Fawcett, a virus expert in the United States, says that the White House is the organizer of the ‘SuperSpreader Event’. US News

U.S. President Donald Trump looks at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 17, 2020. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo

A top virus expert in the United States has criticized the White House for hosting what he said was a “superspreader event” linked to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony Fawcett, an infectious disease specialist and a member of the White House Coronavirus The task force also criticized the use of the word “healing” when discussing Donald Trump’s recovery from his illness.

Mr. Trump has tested positive for a number of associates and associates COVID-19 After joining A Rose Garden event Where President Md Choose Amy Connie Barrett as her Supreme Court pick.

Dr Fawcett confirmed the speculation that the event was a “superspreader event” that infected more than one person.

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Conway shook hands a few days before the event with a positive test

When asked by CBS News if the masks were effective in spreading the coronavirus, Dr Fausi replied: “I think – the information speaks for them.

“We had a superspreader event at the White House and it was a situation where people crowded together and weren’t wearing masks. So the data speaks for itself.”

When Mr. Trump was asked about the use of the word “healing”, Dr. Fawcett said: “We have no clue – I think you really have to rely on what you mean by” healing “because it’s a word that leads you. Lots of confusion. “

Dr. Fawcett said he did not think he was apprehensive about hearing the president’s cough during an interview with Fox News on Thursday night.

He continued: “When most people get well, they get well in a linear fashion, they get better and better, which is what the president is doing.

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“However, it is not uncommon for someone to recover from a prolonged cough.”

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The senator embraced the event before the positive test

Mr Trump spent three days in hospital on October 2, 2001, being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

People who attended Saturday’s event before Mr. Trump’s announcement on Saturday and before the first lady’s positive test were not seen wearing hugs, fist-bumping and masks.

Guests sit in sturdy-packed chairs that cannot be seen from a distance of two meters, with a few who have already sat together and tested positive.

People at the Rose Garden event tested positive for the coronavirus
People at the Rose Garden event tested positive for the coronavirus

In the picture above, the red carnivirus is identified as tested positive, as well as Mr. Trump.

A – Melania Trump

B – Kelian Conway

C – Chris Christie

D – Rev. John Jenkins

E – Senator Mike Lee

F. – Senator Thom Tills

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Donald Trump is talking He returned to the campaign trail after being diagnosed with a coronavirus at an event in Florida on Monday.

The president is also expected to address supporters from the porch at a “law and order” event at the White House on Saturday, an official with his campaign team said.

Mr Trump is still embroiled in controversy over whether he is contagious, and White House spokesman Kylie McKinney said medical tests would ensure he would not be able to transmit the virus when the president returns.

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He said: “If the virus could be transmitted, he would not be there.”

Dr. Fawcett said he was confident that Mr. Trump’s doctors would not allow him to leave the White House without further examination.

Mr. Trump will return to the expected campaign even after his second debate with presidential rival Joe Biden has not progressed.

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