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Members of the health staff have been direct victims of the new coronavirus, which leaves terrible figures at the end of this 2020. According to independent calculations from Johns Hopkins University, There are already more than 81 million infected people worldwide and more than 1.7 million people have died.

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Some cases are of doctors, nurses and other health workers who have put their lives at risk due to health contingencies.

And that health workers, apart from the fact that on many occasions they did not have the necessary preparations and tools to withstand an epidemic, He was also subjected to long hours of work which impaired his physical and mental integrity.

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Is a matter of Three Russian medical students, who fell next to a patient, were in an ICU bed due to a coronovirus infection.

It happened that night that a lot of work was accumulated. Many were serious patients

A picture depicting him was posted on the VK account (a Russian social network) of a health institution of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency (Fmba) of Russia (in English for its brief description).

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The scene was captured by the head nurse of Fmba Central Medical Unit 38, located in the Russian city of Leningrad.

With the publication, a citation from the woman was arranged, which assured: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Rasool, Katya and Lyosha for the fact that they took a shift outside their hours. And they helped in difficult times. You guys are great “

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Yekaterina Volkova, one of the female students who acted in the scene, told local media ‘Moscow 24’ that she slept for “two minutes” because the patient she was monitoring was stable when she removed her mask. Tried. Of oxygen.

He assured that they were not sleeping, but they were cautious when something happened to him.

He also said that he had very difficult days. “A lot of work happened that night. There were many serious patients,” the student said.

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His image, captured by a surveillance camera, was shared thousands of times in his country and went viral worldwide.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Russia already accumulates more than 3 million infected people and about 55,000 deaths from new coronoviruses.

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