Clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police

A pro-democracy demonstration was dispersed on Saturday in front of Bangkok’s Grand Palace by police using rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons, AFP reporters observed on the spot.

“You’re breaking the law!” Police loudspeakers said that the protesters used ropes to save the wall of containers placed in front of the palace.

The protesters managed to clear their way before throwing Molotov cocktails at dozens of police officers who were standing a hundred meters away, supporting water-throwing devices to prevent them from being thrown.

In reference to the leaders of the pro-democracy movement arrested earlier this year, the protesters said, “Free our friends!” The police retaliated by opening fire with rubber bullets and firing with tear gas.

Around 8:30 am (1:30 pm GMT) only a small group of protesters remained in front of the police.

Police had previously raided the “Thai” publishing house, so that the monarchy was named “an institution within the Thai monarchy,” to seize hundred copies of the book by activist and human rights lawyer Anon Nampa.

Police Major Trirong Propamongkol said, “The next step is for experts to see if the book breaks the law.” “This demonstration was linked to the demonstration as the protesters announced on social networks that they would distribute these books,” he said.

The protesters responded by putting the book online and calling on supporters to read and read it during the protest.

According to media reports, some 3,000 police officers were stationed in Bangkok.

Since last summer, between July and December 2020, thousands of people in the capital have rocked a scorching air with simultaneous demonstrations at the height of the demonstrations.

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They resumed in February following indictments to the regular glory of four leaders of the movement, who were regularly released on bail.

Two of the movement’s main figures, Parit Chiarawak, also known as Penguin, and Anon Nampa, are among these two active activists.

At least 57 other protesters, including three minors, are charged under the Lasse Majesté law.

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