Cinpharma is under the control of the Beijing vaccine WHO, but not Wuhan

As of January 25, 2021, the program of control of vaccines against the new coronavirus published by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the injectable formula developed by the Chinese Sinpharma laboratories in Wuhan is still not subject to approval. United Nations Institution. This grid, accessible on the organization’s platforms, details all vaccines under review.

These include Covishield, which was developed by the Serum Institute of India under license from the University of Astrazenkina / Oxford and acquired by Morocco for the launch of its national vaccination campaign. The evaluation is in its final stages and the anticipated approval date is set for mid-February, meaning it has already met most of the efficacy and safety criteria. The same goes for the Chinese vaccine version of Cyanopharma developed by Beijing, to be commissioned in early March. The study of the file related to Wuhan remains at a standstill, as has not been submitted by the laboratory.

This situation may explain the delay in delivery for Morocco, while the state participated in clinical trials of a third-stage experiment with the vaccine developed in Wuhan. At the national level, the data showed positive indicators as to the effectiveness or risk of these injections. But the end of the tunnel is still not seen in this vaccine.

The resignation within the management of Sinoparm approved a tense situation with the Chinese authorities. In addition, they still have not authorized the Wuhan version of the vaccine, only for Beijing, which Rabat received on Wednesday.

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