Chef Diversity Editor Claudia Eller is on leave after Twitter run out

Various Editor in Chef Claudia Eller, who wrote an idea According to reports, about a lack of diversity in staff, he was spit on a heated Twitter with a former reporter and a former reporter and then placed on a two-month administrative leave.

South Asian journalist Piya Sinha-Roy wrote that he remembered a conversation about “lack of diversity in your newsroom” with Eller and his co-editor Andrew Wallenstein, hitting the Twitter’s track on Twitter. LA Times reported.

Sinha-Roy said that the voices of colorful people were “constantly rejected”. We are not here to show you better. We are here to work ”- Hands It hit “pain” on Twitter.

In Tweet, Varike, owned by Penske Media Corp., disturbed the employees controlled by the automatic pen Jay Penske, who said “The interpretation of the Hands is not clearly acceptable”.

“He was listening, fighting, fighting, and letting others be heard and recovered,” Penske added, adding a note to the staff of Businessman Cynthia Littleton, who will temporarily take on the role of Eller. Newspaper.

In a note to his staff, Eller apologized for his words and said to them “insensitive and ignorant.”

“The past few months have been an incredibly stressful and challenging time for everyone. “There is no excuse for the Twitter shopping I had with Piya last night.”

“I fully understand your anger and feel sorry for me; it was never misplaced. I am very embarrassed, humiliated, and regretful of my actions and the pain caused by inside and outside. “I sent a direct message to the Piano to apologize profusely for my insensitive and ignorant words, which I did at a time when something I had to do was listening.”

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Eller, “After having a very harsh and emotional conversation with Jay this afternoon, I admit that my years as a journalist have not prepared me for a leadership role in such a large and thriving newsroom.”

“Hopefully, when the time is right, each of you will consider giving me a chance to rejoin this great organization, and one day it makes you proud. As I said, I have to think, work and do a lot. “

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