Can Raymond van Barneveld just take part in all tournaments again?

Raymond Van Barneveld announced on Wednesday evening that he would like to return to professional darts in 2021. The 5-time world champion retired at the end of 2019 after a complete failure last year, but has decided to try again. He misses it very much, he says in his announcement of return. But what does his path to PDC look like? lists it for you.

The starting point is for all darts players, from amateur to returning veteran Van Barneveld Q School. In mid-January of each year, the PDC hosts a multi-day event in which darts players have to hold their tour card or try to win (back). Tour cards require participation in, for example, qualifying tournaments for major events on television such as the Players Championship (floor tournament) and the World Cup.

How can you win a tour card?
After the 2021 World Cup, which begins next December and reaches the finals just after the end of the year, it is clear how many tour tickets are available to win. In January 2020, a total of 31 tour cards were to be distributed: 20 in the UK and 11 in the rest of Europe. A tour card is valid for 2 years. If you have not performed very well in those 2 years to make it to the top 64 in the world, then you have to try to win your tour card back in a field where over 850 dairies have taken those 31 tour cards last year. Had tried to win 1 of

What can you do with a tour card?
If you have obtained that tour card, you can participate in all the tournaments that PDC organizes. This is where the most money can be made and if you do it a little better, you will be back in the top half of the world. For example, look at Dirk van Dugenbod, who was to receive his tour card in January 2020. He was successful and his prolific form had already earned £ 23,000 in the first months of 2020, making him provisional 72nd in the Order of Merit.

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And what if you fail to win a tour card?
Then you end up in a kind of man’s land. You can then take part in the UK Open Qualifiers in February / March to try out for the main tournament. You are also a reserve for the Players Championship. 128 dart players are allowed to participate per event and if there are dropouts, you can fill.

Challenge tour
Apart from this, PDC also organizes a challenge tour. This is for all the dropouts who have failed Q school. In it, 20 tournaments are held that each hold £ 10,000 in prize money. After 1 year, the top 2 of the Challenge Tour will automatically receive a Tour Card for 2 years. Then you do not have to attend Q School.

So it is up to Van Barneveld to get a tour card immediately in January 2021, otherwise he is really doomed to collect some money in the depths of the PDC. They have to stay motivated throughout the year to make sure to participate in the Challenge Tour and finish in the top 2. Otherwise, he will have to try again in Q school after a year and everything can start from scratch.

Situation Van Barneveld
Van Barneveld has the advantage that he has. Can you imagine that as an amateur you were immediately drawn in the first round against Barney? Then it will be a good mental game. And Van Barneveld says he is more motivated than ever, so his adversaries can get their heads wet.

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