“Brexit may be positive for Belgian clubs and their youth activities” Premier League

The British Home Office has already signed agreements with the football world regarding Brexit. A lot is changing for footballers who still want to play in the United Kingdom. Radio 1 called players’ agent Bob Claes at Let’s Play, an agency concerned with guiding top athletes, including Yuri Typeman.

What are the rules today, and what will change for football from January 1? “Today, EU players can sign a professional contract from the age of 16. For non-EU players who are from the age of 18. What we see now is that” favorable governance ” Missing. 16, for players between the ages of 17 and 18. Now traveling to the United Kingdom is very difficult. “

Will it have major consequences? “You have two sides. The boys who come are usually 18 or 19 years old. Just look at youri Tielemans or Kevin de Bruyn. But for the top talent who switch under the age of 18, Which will no longer be possible. Not much. They are usually great talents who stay in their 16th position and may or may not survive it. “

How do clubs react in the Premier League? That way they can simply fish with exceptional young talents. “The clubs are not very satisfied with this”, says. “We hear 2 things in the clubs. There is a little protectionism on one side, which the FA is also behind, to keep the national team level pretty high.”

“On the other hand, the business model where (small) clubs can beautify their budgets with young players relocating to England. You will create a slight shortfall. The danger is that the resources now available will be allocated to a smaller group. It will be even more difficult to get talented non-British players into the players and some lower-order clubs. “

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Will there be consequences for adult players in the Premier League who are already active there? “I don’t think so. It’s hard to work properly. There is a rule for players between the ages of 18 and 21. There can be a limit on the number of players 21 that a club can draw. This is the maximum. 6 would be. “

“Does it worry me? Worry is never a good advisor. Brexit will have a lot of influence in other areas as well. I also see an opportunity for Belgian clubs and their youth activities. Competition among their players will be less 18. Perhaps players are less likely to go abroad now. “

“It is a very big step to go abroad at a young age and young people don’t always make it abroad, although it is not always negative. But in many cases I would now estimate it positively for our Belgian clubs Am. ” Bob Biggs said that clubs from England would have less competition than big budgets.

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