Brexit climax is approaching: what is at stake this weekend?

The second hot topic is the so-called ‘level playing field’. The European Union does not want the British to create favorable business conditions with the European Union as well as favor their subsidized companies, for example.

According to the European Union, strict agreements should be made to deal with unfair competition. But the British consider it a violation of their sovereignty if detailed agreements are made in this regard.

But what if the agreements have been made and are being violated? This is the third point of disagreement in the dialogue. The European Union wants violations in one region to be punishable by levies on another region.

Suppose the British give unfair subsidies to their cheese farmers, then the European Union wants to be able to tax cars, for example. In that case, Britain only wants taxes to be levied on cheese.

3. What if there is no agreement?

Then there will be no deal Brexit. And this means that the trade relationship between the UK and the EU will be like any trade relationship between parties who have not entered into trade agreements with each other. Then the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are followed.

Both countries then levy prescribed import duties on the other’s products. This makes EU products more expensive for the UK and vice versa. In addition, problems may arise with some standards. Just because food is considered safe in the UK does not mean that the European Union considers it safe. This may delay the import of products.

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There will also be more border controls, which can cause considerable delays. The spectators are huge rows of trucks waiting to cross the channel on either side.

4. What is a realistic result?

No-deal Brexit has never been closer. The European Union wants to put its point, because all countries realize that if there is no agreement, the economy will suffer a major setback. This is disastrous for a business country like the Netherlands, Prime Minister Root said earlier.

Both sides have a box of ointments designed to prevent the largest no-deal wound. Britain has announced that it will not thoroughly test all EU goods until at least 1 July.

EC President Ursula von der Leyen announced an emergency plan yesterday. There should be a guarantee that fishermen can enter each other’s waters for a year after 1 January. Lorries should be able to continue to drive in both the European Union and the UK in the first half of 2021.

The same goes for airplanes. They must at all times be able to land and be able to land in the European Union and the United Kingdom. It seems as if the United Kingdom and the European Union can agree on it, but these are temporary measures to stop the chaos on 1 January.

Ultimately, the European Union and the British still have to agree on permanent agreements. And this has been very difficult for 1632 days.

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